We are forces of nature



We are an innovative sports nutrition brand that provides maximum performance for athletes in a natural way, with products based on water from Mar.

Millions of athletes around the world rely on sports supplements (isotonic drinks, sports hydrogels, muscle recoverers, etc.) to raise their performance to the highest level.

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For us, nature is not only the setting for our adventures, training sessions, competitions or voyages in the open sea. It is much more than all this. We have understood that the force of nature is part of us and we are part of it.

But what if we could use the wisdom of nature to unleash the natural power that lies deep within us? What if we could become the force of nature we were meant to be with the right sports nutrition more natural and nutritious? Nature offers us not only ingredients that are already healthier than artificial ones, but from a physiological point of view, they are capable of unlocking the strength, resistance and power that we have within us. Taking care of our immune system and without putting our health at risk.

The first Herooj's

At Herooj ([Eroi], “Heroes” in Esperanto) we believe that each and every one of us is a hero. We just have to unleash the natural force that we carry within.


At Herooj we are very clear about what we have come to contribute to the community of athletes and what are the standards that should govern our way of behaving in order to have a positive impact on our athletes, as well as on society.

1. Our mission is to lift athletes to their maximum sporting potential in a natural way, and turn them into the force of nature that we are all predestined to be.

2. We do this with high-quality products, in tune with nature and the human body, that optimize the athlete's potential without compromising their body (for example, the digestive system).

3. They are products that are developed according to the real needs of the body in contexts of effort and high sports stress to achieve better performance.

4. Our innovation and product development is always governed by physiological needs and not by market trends, so we will never participate in a market trend a level of ingredients or formulations if detrimental to the health of an athlete. It's that simple.

5. This obliges us to search for the best available raw materials based on a full understanding of human physiology and interactions between ingredients; because only from this understanding can excellent products with superior benefits be developed.

6. We consider it essential to contrast the most current scientific evidence before incorporating any ingredient into our formulations.

7. We consider athletes who seek their maximum potential as Heroes, because trying to transcend in a world as complex as the one we live in is only attempted by Heroes.

8. We know that the Hero's path to achieving his goals is a marathon rather than a sprint. The real challenge is to be able to go the whole way, not just a small stage, and therefore we force ourselves to provide the athlete with tools that make them feel good, training after training, and kilometer after kilometer . Day after day, over and over and over again.

9. We know that human beings can only ascend to our best version when body, mind and soul are aligned . We accompany the Heroes so that they reach their maximum physiological potential, knowing that this includes physical performance and emotional balance.

10. As living beings that inhabit the planet earth, we are part of nature and we are proud of it. For this reason we are committed to the environment and to nature of which we are only a small part.


Be A Natural Force