in endurance sport

Key component in the unique formulation of our products

Seawater contains the most complete range of minerals, with more than 75 minerals and trace elements grouped according to their concentration into three types: macroelements, microelements and traceelements.

ideal for practicing sports

Contains the fundamental characteristics for a correct development of all phases of physical activity.

It covers the basic nutritional needs of athletes due to its great capacity for rehydration and bioavailability of nutrients, with a composition more adapted to the needs of the organism.

For these reasons, seawater is an ingredient that is impossible to reproduce artificially.



Sodium and Potassium

There are two minerals involved in the hydration process, where the recommended ratio is 2:1. When carrying out physical activity, this proportion is broken, when ingesting seawater this proportion is restored to obtain a correct hydration of the organism.


Protects the muscular system, acting as a lubricant and helping stretching and muscle contraction, therefore, it has a preventive function to avoid injuries.


It is one of the most important minerals in the practice of sport, and one of the most easily lost, since it is eliminated by sweating. It is involved in numerous processes of energy metabolism, biosynthesis processes, etc.

Seawater allows all its own elements to interact with each other in the proper natural proportions, creating a proportion very similar to that of blood plasma. Its presentation is in ionic form (positive or negative) facilitating correct assimilation by the organism.

main function of seawater

support the immune system