How to train and compete without discomfort?

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01 | The concept of inflammation
02 | Meta-inflammation: the inflammation of modern life
03 | What can we do to help our immune system?

01 | The concept of inflammation

To understand a little one of the main assets of our wonderful immune system (SI), we must introduce the concept of inflammation related to our organism, evolution and subsistence for millions of years. At Herooj, we have applied this physiological knowledge to formulate a unique and innovative product on the market, Immunosport Inflarelief.

Inflammation can be differentiated between acute and chronic:

  • Acute inflammation is not only good, but it is essential for life, it is a reaction of our IS to any external stimulus that interacts with our body. The entry of an external pathogen, a bruise, a situation of high and punctual stress, exposure to extreme cold or heat, etc. all these factors cause a reaction in the form of inflammation mediated by the IS. If it did not produce any of these stimuli, it could be combated or compensated and would end our lives more or less slowly.
  • In contrast, chronic inflammation, already described since 2007 as low grade chronic inflammation, refers to a low-grade inflammatory state that maintains over time. In modern life, there are a multitude of stimuli on a daily basis, most of them artificial, created by the economic and social system in which we live, which has nothing to do with our original physiology.

02 | Meta-inflammation: the inflammation of modern life

Work or personal stress, the pollution of the air we breathe in cities, pesticides introduced into fruits and vegetables, harmful agents in general from food processed by man, inadequate levels of hydration, lack of sleep for quality, electromagnetic fields and their light spectra, and endless etc.. All of them daily cause our immune system to remain activated, sending molecules signaling of inflammation, and since they are recurrent and without sufficient pauses, the majority of the population enters this state of chronic low-grade inflammation.

Generally, is also known as meta-inflammation, since ends up affecting the hypothalamus, which is the gland, hard disk and processor of the rest of the body's systems, when it begins to "give orders" under pressure or chronic inflammation, everything else gradually decompensates.
. our SI evolved wonderfully for a real life, not for an industrialized, polluted system that triggers so many daily stimuli.
t21>anything created by man, but designed for high impact but acute stimuli.

A night of extreme cold, a fight for a territory, a dispute for extending your genetic lineage or drought extreme. for all this responds like a Swiss watch.

03 | What can we do to help our immune system?

The first, without a doubt, get closer to a type of real life, eat food and not products, move a lot and do it with intensity, stop doing nothing, just look at the sky and breathe, get away from phones for a few hours a day and sleep as if our lives depended on it. What we are doing. Sports and food

If these inputs are not possible, sports and food or supplementation can support the IS so that it has more tools and now we explain how.

Sports, specifically those involving high muscle intensity, cause high levels of inflammation as an acute stimulus, interleukins soar IL 3 IL 10, but the next day forces the system to deflate effectively. Wewe are training our IS to have a good anti-inflammatory and capacity when a pathogen or similar enters, generating inflammation , our training will help us to combat it quickly and precisely.

Food can help us in a very potent way, although the recommendations would be endless, since depend on individualized personal factors, but obviously the intake of high amounts of vfresh vegetables and some fruits would be good for everyone.

A well-studied source to favor this balance of the SI are the Omega 3 of quality, present in blue fish, for example, in krill. . EPA AND DHA aren highly effective by two pathways mainly.

The first is that these fatty acids are known to promote production in our marrow ósea, thymus and spleen of many cells of the immune system that are scarce and highly responsible for anti-inflammatory actions. Intestinal microbiota

The other less well-known pathway is through our Microbiota, which is a modulator of the actions of SI and these fatty acids cause the proliferation of very beneficial species both for being a substrate and for generating cultivation land ( intestinal wall and intestinal mucus) that is fertile for different species highly protective against chronic inflammatory reactions.

You can find these two ways to protect and strengthen your immune system in the form of capsules in our Immunosport range.


We created Herooj not only to help you train and compete better, but to help you become the force of nature you were meant to be. We are the brand of sports nutrition that uses sea water as the base of its products. Something 100% innovative in the sports nutrition and sports supplements sector. And we believe that only natural products such as creatine, amino acids, vitamins, glutamine. etc You can push the performance of athletes to the limit. Hydrogels, Isotonic, Hypotonic. All our products, formulated based on the real physiological needs to improve performance and care for the immune system.

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