What is tapering in sport

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In sports, the term "tapering" refers to a period of rest and reduced training before a major event, such as a race or marathon.
The goal of tapering is to allow the body to recover from the accumulated fatigue and stress of training and be in top shape for the event.
In this post you will discover what this concept consists of and how Herooj helps to achieve it.

Long distance password

Tapering is especially important for long-distance runners, as training for a marathon or long-distance race can be very taxing on the body.

A proper tapering plan can help runners be at their best on race day and minimize the risk of injury. Always controlled and analyzed by an expert in the sector.

The duration of tapering depends on factors such as the length and intensity of prior training, the runner's experience, and the goal of the race. In general, it is recommended to reduce the number of kilometers run during tapering by 20-30% in the two to three weeks leading up to the race. It is also important to reduce the intensity of training during this period and increase the rest and recovery time.

In addition to reducing training, some runners also use stretching and massaging techniques during tapering to help their body recover and be in top shape for the race . It's important to remember that every broker is different and what works for one may not work for another, so it's important to find a tapering strategy that works for each individual.

Complete, nourishing and healthy recovery

During tapering, athletes often reduce the amount and intensity of training and increase rest and recovery time. It is at this moment where sports nutrition and supplements that will help us achieve this total recovery become important.
At Herooj we have two perfect product ranges to benefit tapering:

Within the Recovery range, we find the Recovery Porridge. A superfood formulated with oats, chia, flax, buckwheat, vitamins and probiotics that offers a nutritious and healthy recovery.

The porridge-like texture with chocolate chips, whole rolled oats, chia seeds, flax and buckwheat make this a Recovery Porridge an ideal product to eat for breakfast, snacks or desserts when mixed with yogurt (or vegetable milk) and fruit.

Additionally, it provides a broad-spectrum vitamin preparation, a preparation of probiotics, protein and fiber for a complete recovery: muscular, energetic and reinforcing the immune system.
This option with a spoon is chosen by many triathletes and long-distance athletes because it has a great nutritional value and also satisfies in a nutritious and healthy way.

Rest and compete without discomfort

On the other hand, we have Immunosport Inflarelief. Within our most innovative range on the market and formulated 100% to strengthen the immune system of athletes, we find solutions to minimize pain and improve sports performance.

Immunosport Inflarelief is the latest product in the Herooj Immunosport range and has been formulated with the aim of strengthening the athlete's immune system to prevent physical discomfort in moments of high sports stress.

It is a food supplement for athletes based on Omega 3 fatty acids, squalene, PEA, olive extract, vitamin C and vitamin D. It is the combination of all these ingredients and in the quantities in which they are formulated that make Immunosport Inflarelief a point and apart in the recovery and maintenance of the athlete.

Ideally it is designed to take two capsules before going to sleep or on windows where recovery hours are as long as possible.

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