Protect your intestinal microbiota

As we know, physical exercise increases the content of endorphins (the happiness hormone), helps us maintain a healthy weight, reduce anxiety, face the day with more energy... In short, physical exercise is health, it is to gain quality of life.

Your microbiota, key to your performance

But did you know that physical exercise can modify the profile of your intestinal bacteria? As I was saying, physical activity also has an impact on the quantity and quality of the bacteria that live in our intestinal system. This set of microorganisms living in the digestive tract creates the microbiota. This microbiota has many functions, of which we will highlight defense against infections, absorption of nutrients or intestinal motility. In addition, the microbiota participates in processes related to metabolism and stress.

In recent years, scientific evidence defines a higher quality of bacteria at the intestinal level in those moderately active people compared to sedentary people. In other words, an active lifestyle can protect your microbiota. Of course, it is essential to take into account factors such as the frequency, intensity, volume and type of physical exercise.

This is how in seasons of competition or very intense training, this type of effort can produce a greater degree of stress, causing physiological responses that could affect the microbiota. Some of these responses to stress can cause gastrointestinal disturbances, decreased performance, and/or anxiety or depression.

Take care of your digestive system

In this way, in times of great stress we must take even more care of our microbiota. The best way to do this is by eating foods rich in probiotics such as: natural yogurt or kefir, kombucha tea or pickles. In addition, we can also boost our intestinal health with prebiotics, known as the food of these probiotics. We can find them in the following foods: whole grains, ripe bananas, potatoes or sweet potatoes cooked and stored directly in the refrigerator, onion, garlic or dark chocolate. We cannot forget about food supplements at key moments of the season. In this case, I think it is clear to all of us that the Titan Desert marks a before and after in our racing calendar.

As a nutritionist, I consider it essential to strengthen the immune system before this type of event. It will be important to arrive in Morocco with a healthy and strong microbiota and, in this way, avoid lower sports performance or suffering from gastrointestinal disorders. It is important to take care of the intestinal flora with foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics, in addition to starting to take Immunosport Microbiotics about two-three weeks before starting the trip and consuming it until you return home.

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