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01/16/2023 - Herooj and RPM Sports, one of the most experienced international sports marketing companies, reach a collaboration agreement as official sports nutrition partner for the Titan World Series 2022 & 2023.

Below, you can read the official Press Release:

Herooj is the new official sports nutrition sponsor of the three mountain bike events in the Titan World Series universe: ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco, ŠKODA Titan Desert Almería and NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia.

During the next two years, the Barcelona-based brand will provide all the Titans with sports supplements with seawater and natural origin

All Herooj products are based on three fundamental pillars: performance, recovery and reinforcement of the immune system. Each of them focuses on a different area during sports practice: improved performance thanks to the use of seawater, better recovery after exertion thanks to the use of superfoods, and support for the immune system thanks to the Immunosport range.

Titans who will now also be Heroes (Herooj means hero in Esperanto). An agreement that makes all the sense in the world. Both brands are specialized in athletes who always seek to give a little more, but always in connection with nature and the environment.


There are few sports in the world that have a closer relationship with the environment in which they take place than cycling. Whether on the road, gravel or mountain bike, the cyclist and the environment in which they ride are one.

This is an axis that is also built on Heroj. Its differential value compared to other sports supplement providers is its range of products derived from seawater. A natural way to maximize sports performance, always respecting the human body and the athlete's health.

“For us, nature is much more than the setting for our training or competitions, it is an intrinsic part of each one of us. And at Herooj we know how to unleash the potential that athletes carry within through a new way of understanding sports nutrition based on the most advanced sports physiology.", says Herooj Marketing Director, Aleix Miol.

"We are very excited to join the challenge of helping the Titans to unleash their best version in conditions as extreme as those of the Titan World Series and to be able to overcome the desert dunes with the #SeawaterPerformance", acknowledges.
“Whether in the desert, in the mountains or on the coast, the landscape on which any of our races takes place is inseparable from the race itself”, explains Titan World Series CEO, Jesús García.

“For us, being aligned with nature and in connection with the terrain on which we shoot is essential. For this reason, we welcome the agreement with Herooj, which will help us improve in this task, ”he adds.

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