The best sports supplements for triathlon

01 | Why should a triathlete take sports supplements?
02 | What are the best sports supplements for a triathlete?
03 | When to take sports supplements in triathlon?

If there is a sport that requires a greater dose of resistance than other sports, and that requires sports supplements to achieve it , this is the triathlon. Only available to some athletes. It is for this reason that diet and rest must be carefully looked at in order to achieve the goal in a sporting event like this.
It is a sport that demands a lot of energy and therefore your body must comply with several nutritional aspects. Therefore, in this post we are going to discover how to supplement for triathlon and when to take them to achieve good performance.

01 | Why should a triathlete take sports supplements?

The answer has no secret. It is a physical effort that requires a lot of energy to carry out. The reasons for taking sports supplements can be several:

  • There is a large energy consumption : in all the tests (swimming, cycling and running), the effort is made aerobically, which makes specific sports supplements provide greater resistance, mainly during exercise.
  • Involves muscle wasting : during cardiovascular exercise there is great muscle wasting. That is why sports supplementation will be essential, in order to have a better performance and arrive in better conditions.

02 | What are the best sports supplements for a triathlete?

There is a wide variety of sports supplements that must be taken into account when we talk about triathlon. That is why at Herooj, we introduce them into the innovative formulations of our products.

Carbohydrates. Especially those that are easy to assimilate, are essential for this type of training. They will provide you with a quick and sustained source of energy during training. This is the case of our Seawater Hydrogel, within the performance range, they are made up of 5 types of different carbohydrates, with different absorption rates to guarantee this sustained performance throughout the test, without peaks or valleys.

Creatine. Creatine improves physical performance in brief, high intensity exercises such as sprinting (with an intake of 3g per day). That is why it also benefits us in two very important aspects during sports practice: it will allow us to have more strength and also improve lactate tolerance while performing strenuous exercise. It is a key ingredient in our innovative Isotonic & Hypotonic Sports Drink formula.

Caffeine. Caffeine, as well as guarana, contribute sequentially, thanks to their different speeds of assimilation, those extra energy peaks that make the difference in any training or competition. Especially when we talk about high intensity training.

It is normally included during training, specifically the hydrogels we formulate at Herooj, with Punchy Cola flavour. It should be remembered that caffeine begins to act on our nervous system, between 15 to 20 minutes after ingestion and depending on many factors of each person and the type of effort made, its effect will last more or less time as stimulant.

L-Glutamine. Periodic consumption of L-Glutamine will prevent the appearance of fatigue, muscle destruction and decrease the incidence of infections. The intake of between 3 and 5 gr of Glutamine helps in many cases in problems of intestinal membrane permeability, by improving this state our immune system closely related to the digestive system will improve significantly.

Hydrogels. It sounds redundant to highlight this sports supplement, but in the case of hydrogels they can also be a good option, especially since they have a large amount of easily assimilated carbohydrates. Besides, those that we formulate in Herooj concentrate 3 very remarkable benefits:

  • They are formulated based on seawater for better assimilation and less digestive stress.
  • They offer linear and sustained energy thanks to the combination of 5 different carbohydrates.
  • They are developed with ingredients of natural origin and avoid excess simple sugars, so they have a palatability and pleasant flavor ideal for the special conditions that occur during physical activity.

03 | When to take sports supplements in triathlon?

There is no strict rule that determines when it is best to take sports supplements in an event as demanding as a marathon, but rather they must be distributed throughout all phases.

  • Before practicing sports

To start training, nutritional supplements should be used to help recharge our body's energy reserves. For this reason, hypotonic drinks are recommended before training, which may contain creatine and vitamins, such as Isotonic & Hypotonic Sports Drink. This will allow your body to be fully prepared for the exercise that it has to face.

  • During training

When you start training, you should bet on easy-to-assimilate carbohydrates to have quick and sustained energy during training. It will also be important to replenish mineral salts and electrolytes that are lost to avoid dehydration, which is why it will also be important to introduce mineral salts.
Vitamin combinations can also be basic, because they will prevent deficiencies from occurring during highly demanding sports.

  • After training

To recover and reduce muscle fatigue, it will be advisable to consume recovery foods and drinks that include carbohydrates, as well as probiotics, proteins, vitamins and minerals. In the case of our Recovery Porridge, a superfood to mix with milk or yogurt.

The triathlon is a wonderful effort test, to show your best version and improve yourself. In any case, if you use the supplements correctly, you will be able to maintain performance during exercise, and you will achieve your goal. However, use them correctly and avoid overdosing that can cause problems for your body.

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