Herooj's 10 Commandments

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The 10 Commandments Herooj

At Herooj we are very clear about what we have come to contribute to the community of athletes and what are the standards that should govern our way of behaving in order to have a positive impact on our athletes as well as on society. Discover the 10 Commandments of Herooj:

  1. Our mission is to raise athletes to their maximum sporting potential in a natural way, and turn them into the force of nature that we are all predestined to be.
  2. We do this with high-quality products, in tune with nature and the human body, that optimize the potential of the athlete without compromising his body (for example, the digestive system).
  3. They are products that are developed according to the real needs of the body in contexts of high effort and high sports stress for better performance.
  4. Our innovation and product development is always governed by physiological needs and not by market trends, so we will never participate in a market trend at the level of ingredients or formulations if it is detrimental to the health of an athlete. It's that simple.
  5. This forces us to search for the best available raw materials based on a full understanding of human physiology and the interactions between ingredients; because only from this understanding can excellent products with superior benefits be developed.
  6. We consider it essential to compare the most current scientific evidence before incorporating any ingredient in our formulations.
  7. We consider athletes who seek their maximum potential as Heroes, because trying to transcend in a world as complex as the one we We live only Heroes try.
  8. We know that the Hero's path to achieving his goals is a marathon rather than a sprint . The real challenge is to be able to go the whole way, not just a small stage, and therefore we force ourselves to provide the athlete with tools that make them feel good, training after training, and mile after mile. Day after day, over and over and over again.
  9. We know that human beings can only ascend to our best version when body, mind and soul are aligned. We accompany the Heroes so that they reach their maximum physiological potential knowing that this includes physical performance and emotional balance.
  10. As living beings that inhabit the planet earth, we are part of nature and we are proud of it. For this reason we are committed to the environment and to nature of which we are only a small part.

Suplementación Natural Deportiva Herooj


Based on the force of nature and its elements and human beings being part of it, at Herooj we are committed to designing those sports supplements that naturally bring out the best in each of us. And it is that people may need these extra contributions due to the difference between the habitat for which they have evolved as a species and the modern life and environment in which they live; which generate supplementation needs to help our body to be in balance and be able to perform at an optimal level.

Giving a general example, we could cite our immune system, a marvel of evolution capable of detecting thousands of external microorganisms or own cells every second and their positive or negative effect on our body. It is capable of quickly activating a multitude of humoral and behavioral cellular responses so that our body can continue in an optimal state.

This marvel of biological evolution has been adapting, over billions of years, to the changing conditions of the earth and its actions are focused on the basis of certain stimuli and a frequency according to the nature of life . We have gone through, as a society, cseasonal and temperature changes, times of famine and lack of food, punctual stress factors that hunting entailed, the circadian rhythms of light each day, natural foods. And our immune system has adapted to all this, as it will adapt to the context of today's society in which stress has caused great havoc.

And it is that in "modern" society all these stimuli have been eliminated or have been replaced by totally artificial ones to which our immune system has not had time to adapt. It would take another million years to do it, but the reality is that none of us want to wait to achieve any of our goals, let alone have that much time at our disposal. To reach our optimal level of performance, as athletes or professionals, parents, students or just people, we need to take care of many things, including our diet. That is why Herooj's supplementation requirements are focused on supplying the body with micro and macronutrients which, according to science, generally appear in deficit (especially in sports practice) and which will help our body to be able to better face all the sporting challenges that modern life presents us and for which we have not evolved. These products are especially indicated for amateur sports practice and the search for high performance, as long as you want to do it in a natural way and in line with what our body needs and is capable of processing properly.

“Too many changes in a short time, many comforts for an organism that has adapted to live in difficulty, the pressure of current chronic stress, when in reality we are only adapted for peaks of acute stress but not sustained…”.

For all these reasons we value the challenge of everyone as the path of the hero, because every day, in itself, is a challenge. And it is even more so when someone adds a sporting challenge to their daily routine. Going out to train, eating and hydrating well, getting proper rest, and continuing with all other responsibilities is a hero's journey in which we want to accompany you.

Our main objective is to design with the utmost scientific rigor the necessary supplements for each moment of your trip, as well as to explain to you, in a clear and continuous way, when to take each of them and why. We do not propose any supplement because it is a trend or fashion if it is not useful in physiological terms and has sufficient scientific support, and we hope to be able to accompany our Heroojs with training, talks and content so that they understand and decide when or not to take each supplement.

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