Passion for nature unites Klassmark and Herooj

klassmark, herooj

The sponsorship agreement highlights sports nutrition formulated with 100% natural ingredients.
The Catalan brand is one of the pioneers in introducing seawater into sports nutrition products.

Klassmark continues to surround itself with the best partners to face in 2023 & 2024 with all the guarantees. Both the bike and trail events will include sports nutrition products Herooj, a Catalan company. The Barcelona brand is committed to sports nutrition based on seawater, which goes beyond sports performance, seeking to release the natural strength that each athlete has within.

Through this agreement, Herooj strengthens its presence in the national racing calendar of both bike & gravel as well as trail and it happens to be one of the Klassmark sponsors with a presence in most races. The Klassmark community will be able to test their products at races, learn about the advantages of seawater in sports nutrition and take part of a unique sports experience.

Positive environmental impact

sustainability and respect for the environment have to be two fundamental pillars to continue enjoying sport as until now. And on this point both Klassmark and Herooj agree, which seeks to formulate its products with natural ingredients and minimize the environmental impact of its products.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of Herooj is the willingness to offer athletes products formulated according to the physiological needs of the body. The sports nutrition market has always had digestive problems for many athletes, this being one of the main reasons for introducing seawater in the formulation of their products.

Herooj products are strictly designed and formulated according to the three phases of sports activity: performance, recovery and immunosport. Finding in seawater, multiple benefits and the widest spectrum of minerals (more than 75 types) than any other product can have. And it is that seawater is impossible to reproduce or manufacture artificially and covers the main needs of rehydration and bioavailability of nutrients in our body.

In this way, Herooj will offer all the participants of the Klassmark tests sports nutrition options and supplements that cover all their needs. Now all that remains is to enjoy the challenges that nature offers us.

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