The digestive system in high sports performance

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01 | The role of the microbiota in sports performance
02 | How to improve the functioning of the intestinal microbiota?

Athletes have physiological requirements higher than people who perform less activity, so their food intake must be higher to compensate for the effort that the body does. For this reason, the activity of the digestive system and of the intestinal microbiota is more demanding and requires additional care so that all athletes can continue training regularly.
To strengthen the digestive system of athletes and other people who are subjected to great physical demands, in Herooj we have created the food supplement Immunosport Microbiotics.

01 | The role of the microbiota in sports performance

The microbiota is a set of living microorganisms including fungi, pills, bacteria and some viruses that live within different parts of the human body. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), these living beings have very important and healthy functions for the body. In particular, the intestinal microbiota improves the quality of the digestive process , modulates and strengthens the immune system and combats the proliferation of harmful bacterial species, among other functions. It is, therefore, an essential ally not only for any athlete, but for anyone.

In the case of athletes, the proper functioning of the microbiota is essential to guarantee the absorption of nutrients and, therefore, the correct recovery of the muscles and the body in general after physical activity. It is common to see athletes who, in times of high sporting stress, suffer from stomach problems due to putting their digestive system under great pressure. And it is that, in addition, the need for vitamins of those who perform intense physical activity is greater, which is why they also require a proper functioning of the microbiota, which is composed of bacteria that synthesize these molecules.

02 | How to improve the functioning of the intestinal microbiota?

The functioning of the microbiota and the digestive system in general is essential for athletes who aspire to improve their performance and general well-being. To achieve good results, it is advisable to eat a balanced diet with an important base of vegetables and maintain good wakefulness and sleep rhythms. Additionally, hydration is another extremely important factor so that the microorganisms that the body needs can find a favorable environment to be in balance. And, finally, for those athletes who take sports supplementation, it is essential that they take high-quality supplements with formulations that both in ingredients and in their proportions respect, take care of and enhance the human body according to the physiology of sport.

These sports nutrition products, with probiotics and prebiotics, help restore the bacterial balance inside the body. In particular, Immunosport Microbiotics contains 6 bacterial strains in an amount of 15. 2 billion CFU (colony-forming units), inulin and fructooligosaccharides to strengthen the digestive system.

In addition, thanks to the unique combination of these 6 specifically selected bacterial strains (since they are the most relevant for athletes) this product contributes to reinforce, balance and promote a healthy gut microbiota. In this way, it is possible to improve the assimilation of food, avoid gastrointestinal discomfort and strengthen the immune system when an athlete needs it most.

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