Benefits of seawater in sports performance

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01 | Ideal for practicing sports
02 | Digestion and seawater
03 | Natural source of minerals

sea water contains the most complete range of minerals, with more than 75 minerals and trace elements grouped according to their concentration into three types: macroelements , microelements and trace elements. Thus creating a concept of universality and balance.

Includes the fundamental characteristics for a correct development of all phases of physical activity. In addition, it covers the basic nutritional needs of athletes due to its great capacity for rehydration and bioavailability of nutrients, with a composition more adapted to the needs of the body.

For these reasons, seawater is an ingredient that is impossible to reproduce artificially and at the same time key to the composition of our range of products.

01 | Ideal for sports practice

The introduction of seawater in sports nutrition offers us the richest spectrum of salts that exists in nature. That is why at Herooj we have included it in the formulation of our range of products.

The proposal of our hydrogels and their formulation is clear. The goal is to ensure a sustained and linear delivery of energy so as not to deplete the two main energy pathways: circulating glucose and glycogen stores, and not to collapse the input channels into the digestive system, with their corresponding Gastrointestinal discomfort that is a sign that something is not working well.

During sports activity, the presence of blood in the digestive system is compromised, since if we are practicing sports, 70% of our blood is in the muscles and, therefore, give it a aqueous texture, add source salts marine and do not saturate the input channels of different types of sugars is the best choice to reduce the chances of gastrointestinal problems.

At the same time, in this way we favor the energy delivery process to be more stable and lasting , which in turn will allow us to have to ingest less number of gels during activity. And this is what happens with our Seawater Energy Hydrogel, formulated with 55mg of magnesium.

02 | Digestion and seawater

In these gels, the inclusion of seawater offers us its watery texture that facilitates its ingestion during sports activities and provides a fresher and less heavy sensation . In endurance and long-term sports, the perception of the texture is altered by fatigue and different mechanisms, with which the ease of swallowing a hydrogel favors the sensations of the athlete.

03 | Natural source of minerals

The most remarkable minerals that seawater provides us have one main function in common: promoting the immune system, balancing the decrease in defenses during exercise.

Sodium and Potassium: They are two minerals involved in the hydration process, where the recommended ratio is 2:1. When carrying out physical activity, this proportion is broken, when ingesting seawater this proportion is restored to obtain a correct hydration of the organism.

Magnesium and Vitamin B6: Both magnesium and vitamin B6 help delay the onset of sleep fatigue nervous system, reduce fatigue, and improve the precision and attention of the athlete during physical activity. In addition, the inclusion of Vitamin B6 in our gels is indicated by the fact that it intervenes in our sympathetic nervous system which must be activated during physical activity.

Zinc: The formulation of our hydrogels includes zinc, a powerful mineral antioxidant that acts in our body at the cellular level and that is related to bone health. In addition, zinc is also involved in the activation of the nervous system and the immune system, being essential for its normal functioning.

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We created Herooj to not only help you train and compete better, but to become the force of nature that you are meant to be.

We are the brand of sports nutrition that uses sea water as the basis of their products. Something 100% innovative in the sports nutrition and sports supplements sector.

And we believe that only with natural products such as creatine, amino acids, vitamins, glutamine. etc You can push the performance of athletes to the limit.

Hydrogels, Isotonic, Hypotonic. All our products, formulated based on the real physiological needs to improve performance and care for the immune system.

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